August 15th, 2002


geek stuff

I have a friend who is helping me order a desktop computer. He has some computer questions and I don't even know where to begin to look for this sort of information... so please help!

1) Does UW have a sight license for Office XP? Should I include it with my purchase?

2) Does UW provide us with antivirus protection? (Norton Antivirus 2002) Once again, should I buy it?

Thanks in advance.

Marching Band

Hey, I was wondering if anyone who reads this either is or has been a member of the husky marching band. I'm considering auditioning for it but I wanted to find out what it was like from a student's personal perspective first. Thanks you guys :)
Gaz: People are strange


Hey all, I'm new to this community. I'm a junior, and a psych major. But anyway, I'm looking for a photographer (maybe photo major?) to take some pics of/for me. Like most college students, I'm too poor to pay well for the service, but I'm sure we can work something out. Anyway, comment here or contact me privately if you're interested! Thank yous!
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