August 1st, 2002

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hi!! My name is Carolyn & I will be an incoming freshman to the UW for the class of 2006 (I think) - anyway, I'm really glad I found you guys on livejournal- I haven't even started school yet and I've already met all of you guys :) I'm thinking of rushing sororities so if any of you are in a sorority, please feel free to fill me on. Otherwise, I want to know what else there is to do on campus. Hehe- quite a broad question isn't it?

:) Nice to meet you all!
geek chic

For all you crazy UWers...

The Pier 54 Ivar's Fish Bar is looking for at least if not two more people to hire ASAP. Usually $9 to start and the opportunity to make extra money with the incentive program.

Very fast paced.
High volume.
On the waterfront.
Lots of fun as long as the customers don't get bitchy. ;)