July 27th, 2002


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Just wanted to say thanks for the help. Gave me much to think about.

So I've considered it and after much soul searching (okay, not necessarily soul searching, but there were deep thoughts), I've settled on a desktop. A laptop had some great pros, one of them being the overall ease of travel and all, but I'm just drawn to a desktop's power and price. Plus the laptop would just be an expensive doorstop at home during breaks because I can't connect to the internet with it there anyway. And I'd be too wary of taking it around campus because of its expense.

Though this leads me to another somewhat related question. How big of a problem is theft (from small items to eletronics) from dorms?
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roommate wanted!

Roommate Wanted

I am a 20 years old junior (will be a 5th year senior) who is currently looking for a studious, responsible, mature female roommate (preferably science/engineering major) to fill a 2 bedroom apartment unit at Allegro, which is located at 42nd and Roosevelt Rd. The total monthly rent ranges anywhere from $1260~$1600 per month.

More about the apartment:
  • only about 2~3 years old buildings (VERY clean, well-kept/maintained)
  • secure access to the building
  • each unit has its own washer and dryer unit
  • dishwasher, oven and fridge also comes with the apartment
  • parking available in the parking levels
  • roof top access
  • each floor has its own garbage shoot
  • quiet place to live
  • within 5~10 minute walk to campus

    Since I am only looking for a roommate right now, all the other details such as move in date are all very flexible and negotiable. If you were interested, please contact me. Thank you!


    how did that sound?!? anyways, yeah...i'm looking for a roommate. w/ the cost of living here, i'm really worried that i wont be able to find one. =*( *sniff**sniff* i feel so unloved n unwanted thinking about that. Wuuuu....
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