June 30th, 2002

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does any1 still need housing for the summer? my friends who live at lee plaza on the corner of 50th and 11th, right by safeway need 1 or 2 girl roommates to share the apartment. if there's 3 then rent is 375, if 4 then it's about 280 for a 2 bedroom apartment. it's a pretty nice place just 2 blocks from the ave. unfortunately they need the people by the 3rd of july i think. if you guys need or know any1 who needs a place then call my friends at 525-0845, they are aleah and ades. just tell them that you heard about it from rus. thanks

UW Questions?

I found out I got accepted a couple weeks ago and now there's all these things that I have to take care of before my Orientation on July 8th. So confusing!
There ought to be a book or a list of things to do in what order when applying to a University.
When will I find out about financial aid?
I applied for a fee waiver for the Orientation meeting and I got a letter back saying that I'm not eligible, is that a bad sign? This year is the first year I've been able to claim only my income and not include my parents and I only made a little over $11,000 last year. If that's not poverty level I'm not sure what is.
Does the Orientation meeting always include Early Registration? Are we suppose to know what classes we want to take before we talk to an Advisor? Where does one get a list of classes for fall?
I'm so confused! Any help would be nice!
Is there a place on campus that people post "roommate wanted" or "apartment available" signs? I'm also looking for a place to live late Sept. or early Oct. Probably like all the other students.

More ?'s

Ok anyone out there in the Psych department? What does it take to get in?

I declared my major as Psychology but I understand that because it's competitive you have to take certain UW classes to really be a Psych major?

Does that mean there's no way to finish in two years (I'm transfering as a Jr) if you have to take classes to get in before you're actually working on your major? It will probably take me longer than two years anyway.