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Friday, May 17th, 2002

Subject:old woman
Time:10:30 am.
does anyone know what is/was going on with the old, foreign woman and the cops in front of kane? all i heard was her yelling, "take your hands off me!"
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Subject:"Why is his head so big? Why?"
Time:11:25 am.
Undergrad Research Symposium. Educating or boring?

In case its the latter, stop by the poster on the green table, #47, and I will reveal all about my great project. We are sending mice into an orbit around the Earth and spinning the craft so that it simulates Mars Gravity.

Or, keep me company. =)
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Time:9:45 pm.
firstly, hi to all. woot. alright, now down to business...

i've only got 13 credits planned for fall quarter, and i like to have 15 usually, so i was wondering if anyone knew of any fun/easy 2 (or 3) credit classes. i just don't want to end up with one of those 3 credit classes with a 5-credit workload. ecosystem science & conservation 111 (intro to sustainable resource sciences) looks sorta interesting (and you so can't tell that i found that one thru the gen-ed class finder). i know i'm not the only one... any suggestions are appreciated.
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