May 16th, 2002

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45, 45, 45, 45 EVERYWHERE!!!!

I have to say I am highly entertained by the "Vote For My Ass" campaign that is going on campus....

But there is something else that is troubling me. During my three years here I have seen the number 45 drawn all over campus. I have asked a whole LOAD of people from different walks of life if anyone knows what the 45 is about!!!

Well, they are back. And I am just as curious as ever. I wanted to know if any of you know what the 45 is about?
oh that does make sense

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Around 2:45 - 3PM this afternoon, a huge caravan of police came out of the parking lot for the Burke Museum. There were about 2 dozen motorcycles and half a dozen cop cars. There were regular cars with policemen in them. They did a U-turn and headed back to 45th Street.

No limo; every single person in the group was a cop.

Anybody know what was up with that?
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