May 15th, 2002

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anyone know of any good/cheap 4 bedroom apt/houses around uw? we're looking to live somewhere north campus so if you people know of anything i would love you forever! eventually we'll get off our lazy asses to look around but since posting is so much easier and oh so fun, i thought i'd ask first.


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I don't normally post here but it is important that everyone sign on to MYUW and click students on the left side between now and 5pm on Thursday the 16th (tomorrow) and vote for the ASUW elections. I know it might not seem important but it is. I have my personal endorsements in my journal but vote for whoever seems best for you.

Exercise your rights, defy apathy, vote!

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I have a question for y'all:

I'm looking for classes to take for Autumn 2002. I want to take a German class and a Latin class. What do people think about taking two language classes (both 101s) at the same time? Has anyone done this before? I just want to get some idea as to what I would be getting myself into.

I have some experience with German (3 years) but none with Latin at all.
Any constructive input would be appreciated :-)
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Are there any business majors out there who could give me some advice for getting into the Business program here?

I have been hearing horror stories of how hard it is to get in and it is really stressing me out. Thank you so much!!