May 13th, 2002

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I got this e-mail today:

Our records show that you have completed CHEM 152. You have summer quarter
2002 and autumn quarter 2002 in which you can take CHEM 162 using the
Silberberg text and curricula.

Note that effective winter quarter 2003 the current CHEM 162 will no longer
be available in its present form. Therefore, it is important for you to
complete the general chemistry sequence by the end of autumn quarter 2002.

Please contact the chemistry advisers at if
you have questions.

The reason I am posting this: 1) If you have the Silberberg book still, SELL IT NOW! When I did last quarter I got $70 or something, if you wait until the book is no longer used, you get $0. 2) If you need CHEM 162 and haven't taken it, good time to thnk about doing so!

housing confirmations

Has anyone (returning residents in particular) recieved their housing confirmation for next year? I'm wondering if HFS is waiting until the last possible day, or if mine is just taking a while. I remember an e-mail saying they would be mailed by this Friday at the latest.

Waiting is putting some kinks in other decisions I have to make :)