May 8th, 2002


Streakers.... thank you!

I just wanted to extend a warm expression of gratitude to the two nice young men who decided to grace my Psych 101 class today with their shouting, running about, and their penises.

Fully naked hand to hand combat in front of about 400 people, folks. What a pleasure spring quarter is, eh?

My question is: were they frat guys, or no?
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Ok. I seriously need help here.

Read the first entry of my journal:

I really, really need help. If any of you need a room asap, or know someone that needs a room asap, PLEASE leave me a comment. If you or your friend need to know anything about the apartment, refer to an earlier post in this community, and everything you'll need to know is there.

Any help would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated.
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