May 1st, 2002


Free Party and Okie Dokie Donkie

* First and foremost, Okie-Dokie Donkey will play
another house-rocking show, this time at Wazobia in
Pioneer Square. They set a drowsy late-night crowd
aflame with picks and strings last week at the Ballard
Firehouse. And they are only getting better, folks.
This could possibly be the best night of your entire
There will be a pre-show (and likely post-show)
party at The Lucky Hotel - 211 1/2 First Avenue -
starting at 7:00 PM Tons of food and drink. A free
free free feast, complete with vegetarian and vegan
options. Bring yourself and all whom you love. The
show is right around the corner.
[211 1/2 First Ave South is between Washington and
Main, in Pioneer Square, green door, doorbell says
'Seth, Mike, Andrew', above Aria Rug Gallery.
Questions: (206)340-6041]

From the Donkey's mouth:
FRIDAY, MAY 3rd @ 9pm
at WAZOBIA Bar in Pioneer Square
170 S. Washington

This is a more intimate venue than the Ballard
Firehouse, with the band "Ellen Says No" playing at
10pm. Cover will be probably around $5. 21-and over

Sublease Needed

Help! I need to find a place for my boyfriend to live. He is going to live in Seattle May 20th-July 31st, and I need to find him a place to stay for as much of that as possible. He can stay at my house part of the time, but my parents won't let him stay the whole time.

He is 20, does not smoke, and really laid back. He doesn't care where he lives (Seattle or anywhere north of there). He's even willing to sleep on a couch for the summer.

Any suggestions?

Email me or IM me rainbowgirl28