April 18th, 2002

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No Water Urinals???

Have you seen these? I went to the Allen Library 3rd Floor Bathroom and they have just installed these bad boys.

It never flushes, you just pee and it goes down. But it looks like a normal urinal, it isn't like a trough or anything pre-historic like that!.

They have a sign up that says each urinal uses 40,000 gallons of H2O each year and the UW is trying to save money the environment by not using so much water.

I don't know about this. I kind of like the idea of my urine getting washed down with water...plus you can't spit your gum on in these things...

What is next? No Water toilets?? No thanks!!
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Did anyone else find it overwhelmingly inappropriate for a gaggle of sorority girls to be hocking their Ralph Lauren wares outside the HUB right next to a bunch of displays about domestic violence and women's lib? It was almost funny. Enormous posters of a young girls magazine with headlines like "how to make him YOURS for good" seem somehow out of place next to big red cutouts of women who were murdered by their boyfriends.

PS - I'm not down on the sorority girls for having their little Spin the YM Magazine Wheel or anything. It just seemed like a case of exceptionally poor placement.