April 15th, 2002

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UW Boffing Club Demos

Come one come all.

On Monday, April 15th the UW the newly formed UW Boffing Club will be holding demos in Red Square from 11:00 to 3:30. If there is interested we may continue holding the demo past 3:30. We intend to hold a similar demo on Wednesday April 17th on the HUB lawn from 11:00-3:30.

So, what is Boffing you ask?

Etymology: From boff, to hit, variant of buff, from Middle English buffe, a blow of imitative origin.

The Boffing club is a club dedicated to holding meetings where its members can fight with ‘boffer weapons’, which are composed of a kitespar core, pipe insulator padding, other closed cell foam (mostly for hilts and decorative work) and open cell foam (mostly for thrusting tips). They are made to look and behave like a variety of melee weapons from various time periods and places.

This club is for everyone who likes the fun and skill of melee combat but not the gaping wounds that doing so with real weapons quickly leads to. Weapons are constructed to strict safety standards that make it virtually impossible to injure someone with the weapon (the ground is MUCH more likely to hurt a fighter then any weapon is), even if no protective gear is worn. If people have weapons of their own they have constructed they are encouraged to bring them by, it is likely that they will not be up to our standards (probably for a few little reasons that are easily corrected) but we will certainly tell you how they can be made legal. We intend to hold weapon-making workshops on a monthly basis if there is interest.

The Boffing Club is not affiliated with any other entity. We are not the SCA (although many of our members are also in the SCA and we encourage SCA members to join) and we are not a martial art (although many of our members are also martial art practitioners, both eastern and western, and we encourage martial artists to join). The purpose of the club is to fight, not to advance in rank, act out battles, or do live action role-play (although we do not discourage such activities in any way). Instruction for new comers can be provided by more experienced members but is intended to be on a peer to peer level, with the goal of getting the person ready to fight effectively as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions either stop by during a demonstration or e-mail me at jonsabo@u.washington.edu. Hope to see some of you there.

-Jonathan Sabo
Boffing Club President
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almost DONE! last term only one class to take, and of course now I find the UW livejournal group! arrrgh!

Aw well. Do have to say I am totally grateful to finally be done, well almost done that is. Dont think I will be sitting through commencment, I understand ceremony and all, but does anyone else see commencement as rather a waste of time anymore?
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