April 6th, 2002

super goya

need steven court roommates

hey peeps,
We (2 girls) are looking for 2 other girls to apply for stevens court. I am currently living in stevens...and I'd have to say it's a decent place compared with off-campus apartments. The only thing I ask for in potential roommates is at least a junior status and be tidy. :)

and yet another question..

this is what i understand of the academic program...
you can't start your major until your 105 credits are finished (general studies) and your pre-reqs (which you can do in your general studies if you know what you're planning).

is that right?

my questions are:
- do they have some sort of requirement of what you do with your 105 credits? what are they? (like, take x amount of credits in social studies, or whatever)
- do you only declare your major in your junior year or can you do it earlier?