April 2nd, 2002


i've applied to uw (amongst other schools)as a freshman for autumn 2002 and basically i was hoping that people could tell me about it.

i'm an international student living in singapore (i'm half chinese-singaporean and half japanese if that's to anyone's interest) and i'm interested in taking a double major in english and psychology. well that's how i feel now anyway.

i pretty much have all the standard questions, ya know, what's it like, how's the food, the weather, what's there to do, what are the dorms like, what are the classes like, activities, sports, etc.

i haven't actually been accepted yet, so maybe i'm getting ahead of myself here, but its my safety, but also one of my top choices.

so i was hoping i could hear the lowdown on uw.

i hope to hear from you guys!