March 14th, 2002

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So I am at Allen Library right now.

You know how there are really two different study places? Either the large tables with the four chairs or the individual study "booths" that surround the outside wall.

Anyhow me and my signifigant other are trying to study [write a 10-12pg paper the day before it is due] at a table and this group of guys comes and and sits behind us and are talking quite a bit about math and how they are solving the problems...

So is it your understanding that in all the study areas in Allen Library you should be quiet or should you be able to talk? It seems to me that every area it should be little to no talking, but Allen does that that "QUIET STUDYING ONLY" area, so it makes me think twice...

We want to say something to these people, but we don't know if we have backing....if anything it is just plain rude, for there are other places you can talk...Mary Gates, HUB, Study rooms, U-District, By George...why here?