March 8th, 2002



okay my life sucks. it's 80 degrees in arizona today, and has been great for weeks (well it rained last night but that is just God punishing me for speaking ill of washington weather i think), and i have to go home to snow in wa.

aside from having to leave my flipflops here at asu, i am going home to boredom, which brings me to my point:

does anyone know of kickass parties around the u tomorrow night? greek row is fine to suggest if you know of open invite parties.... i will be bored and need to escape parental units.


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intensive language classes

Any opinions on the summer intensive language courses -- in particular at the 1st year level? I've wanted to learn the basics of another language, and I have no good way to fit it in otherwise -- but I'm not sure if I have the brain power.

So I'm curious if there are any people with past experiences before I go down and talk to someone :)

Other Language Topics

I need to get my language out of the way but don't want to waste my time/money with stupid classes. Has anyone taken the equivalency exam? Would it be possible (do you think) to bone up and learn some language on your own with computer programs and audiotapes and whatnot for a few quarters and then take the exam? It sounds like it would be a lot easier/cheaper, and you could work at your own pace and not be graded on attendance. Anyone know what they grade on for these exams (oral, specific things, etc)?

PS just so you know my official stance on this the language requirement is the dumbest requirement in the history of requirements =(