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Monday, March 4th, 2002

Time:9:00 am.
Mood: tired.
VERY useful.
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Subject:General Meeting!!
Time:9:30 am.
Come and find out all the exciting events for the up-coming quarter!
Elections are comming so,the question is how would you like to participate
in CSA? Or what can CSA do for you? Meet your fellow officers and new people!

 Meeting Date: Monday (3/4)
 Time: 3:30
 Place: HUB
 Room: By every entrance to the HUB there is a posting of all the meeting
       rooms, Please check to find where we will be located at.

Hope to see you all there!!
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Subject:lecture today
Time:10:26 am.
CSE lecture today, 3:30. Looks very cool.

Discovering Hierarchical Structure in Bach

It has long been speculated that a great deal of complex structure exists in music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. With the emergence of lossless data compression algorithms that detect hierarchy in strings (SEQUITUR is an example), the possibility arises of using these algorithms on digitized music in order to discover that structure. By slightly modifying these algorithms it may be possible to drastically improve their analytical capabilities. Results of running Sequitur on digitized musical data will be presented and discussed as well as areas for future investigation.

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Time:1:12 pm.
I need a 1 or 2 credit class, preferably VLPA because I like those classes more than the others (in general), and preferably not a lot of reading because I hate reading (aka, no English class). Anyone got any suggestions?!? please?!?
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Time:3:17 pm.
Going to go to Metropolis at the Broadway Market Theatre tonight around 9ish. You guys should come.
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Time:11:08 pm.
What: Cosmic Bowling!
When: Thursday, March 7th, from 7-10 PM
Where: HUB Games Area
Why: To have FUN! All proceeds go to support establishing a student-run radio station.
Cost: 3 hours unlimited bowling, including shoe rental for $10/person(this is $5 less than everywhere else!)

Hope y'all can come, and bring a friend.

E-mail marcus if you have any questions!
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