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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002

Subject:for all the snowboarders, and gig harbor kids
Time:3:26 am.
looking through random news headlines here in az at school....
motorized snowboards, from gig harbor
i couldn't find a picture, sorry...
but this made me proud to be from the harbor..... oh, and if you weren't aware....
pro snowboarders matt and temple cummins (temple happens to be dating barrett christy) are from gig harbor too... (i just wanted to point that out :) ).

as a gig harbor snowboarder, that article made my day. btw, be thankful for whatever you guys are getting up there right now, all the az snow melted. ahhhh to be able to go to crystal/whistler/etc....

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Time:4:45 pm.
Mood: angry.
Hi, can you all stop walking around campus with your cell phone hands free kits on. I can't tell if you're talking to yourself because you're nuts or because you just have no self respect and walk around with an earbud. I know you care what you look like because you're keeping Banana Republic in business, and walking around talking into a bud does not make you look hip nor cool. THANKS! =)
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Subject:UW staff disclosed hundreds of e-mail addresses to Teriyaki Spammer!
Time:9:54 pm.
Today, some of you may have received an e-mail from Margot Nims, an academic counselor in the physics department. The e-mail was advertising an SPS open-house event offering free pizza and pop. There's a copy of this e-mail at the bottom of this entry. Anyway, this e-mail was sent out to 630 students, presumably students enrolled in physics classes. The problem was that EVERY E-MAIL ADDRESS WAS PUT INTO THE To: FIELD IN THE HEADER!

Non-geek translation: The e-mail included a list of the 630 recipients in plain sight. This is bad for numerous reasons, including privacy problems.

Now the funny part. Jeff Marshal, a member of the Teriyaki Organization (a registered student organization), decided to use this list to his advantage. He e-mailed everyone on the list promoting the Teriyaki Organization. The e-mail is included below.


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