January 8th, 2002


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CSA has joined forces with Hui Hoaloha Ulana, HKSA, KhSA, JSA, KSA, aKDPhi
and VSA to bring you the biggest and best Semi-formal ever! If you only
go to one dance, this is the one!

Theme: A Walk in the Clouds
Location: Seattle Sheraton (Grand Ballroom)
Date: Saturday, January 19, 2002
Time: 9pm to 1am
Prices: $20/person presale (January 7-11)
        $23/person (January 14-18)

Tickets sold at By George from 10:30-1:30 with the exception of 1/9.

21+ full bar with ID.

  • Current Music
    Ah! My Goddess - dea cantat Megami wa Utau (by Kikuko Inoue)