June 15th, 2001



Awww. *hugs* It's ok rusbar. I have 2 out of my 4 grades right now, because with the TA strike going on, it's been difficult for some of the profs. Both of my CSE profs are still not yet done grading all the finals, and I'm not pissed. Just got to be patient sometimes and let the water flow it's own course. Though it might take a while at times, the tide will eventually rush in.
I was amazed at my psych 210 teacher though. There are 700+ students in that class and she managed to get all our grades out immediately (even after she made a mistake sending out the EC credit roster). I have to give her props for taking care of all the grades so well and so quickly when she usually has 3 TA's doing it for her.
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just 1 more!

freakin a!!! i just need to get one more freakin grade!! i swear, we get our final grade fucken 4 hours after the final but our fucken course grade hasn't been out for fucken almost 2 fucken weeks. yes, i'm fucken pissed!!
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