spence (noahfex) wrote in uw,

So I've got my schedule for this quarter mostly figured out, but after looking at my degree audit I realized that I have 63.5 credits left to take the next 4 quarters, so obviously with 15 per quarter, that's 60, aaaand I'd still have 4 left over. Obviously I want those taken care of so I can graduate Spring of 2010.. I talked to an adviser today in my department and she suggested taking a 1 credit class for the next few quarters.

I looked at the memories and only found a few classes mentioned for 2-3 credits. I'd love to hear about easy 1-2 credit classes or things I can do for a few credits over the next 4 quarters. I'm an English major and I do have a job, though not full-time, so something that meets once a week is ideal. Thanks guys. :)
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