Cupkate (cupkate) wrote in uw,

My boyfriend just received an e-mail from his department about new biology sequence requirements:

Spring 2009: The first phase of these changes has been approved and will begin with an additional
prerequisite option beginning Spring 2009. Students will now be eligible to take Biology 180 if they
have a 3.5 or above in Chemistry 142 or 120. Prerequisites for 200 and 220 are not changing at this
time and those course capacities will be adjusted to match the changes to Biology 180.

The old req was to have passed CHEM 142/120 to continue the chem series.
I've also heard that the bio dept is getting rid of the other bio series (161/162) which would have been an option for those with <3.5 who didn't want to repeat the class.

Considering the chem department uses the soul crushing curve system, averaging huge (600+) classes to 2.8ish, I think that there are going to be a lot of depressed underclassmen science students going against people who have taken the course multiple times. What do you think are going to be the ramifications of this policy change?

EDIT: The wording is odd and my reading comprehension failed. hellishmonkeys pointed out that the new policy allows you to take BIOL 180 if you get a 3.5 in CHEM 142 or after completing CHEM 152. Crisis averted.
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