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UW Alternative Spring Break in Guatemala

My name is Alia.  I am a senior here at UW, and in conjunction with Encountours, I am organizing a service-learning trip to Guatemala. The trip is going to be a combination of meaningful volunteer work, educational activities, and some enriching excursions. It is going to be an invaluable learning experience, and I am personally very excited about organizing this community service opportunity. The group will be working very closely with a community-based non-profit organization, Nueva Alianza, to ensure that the volunteer work we do will actually have a serious positive impact. And it's going to be fun. We'll be in a charming Guatemalan city that has a lot of culture, and additionally we are going to do some leisure activities such as hiking an active volcano. This will not be the typical vacation that most UW students experience. Unlike being a traditional tourist, each person will actually form relationships with the local community, gain incredible intercultural experience, learn more about themselves, and make a real difference. This is great way to bump up on volunteer hours, practice Spanish or learn about a new culture.  Below are a few details.  Also, I can be reached at,, if you have any immediate questions or comments.

What: Volunteer projects include repairing walking bridges, working in community water-purification facility, tutoring students and assisting in small scale bio-diesel fuel production. You will be able to try a few projects or just stay with the one you love. This trip also includes vacation time, such as nature hike, visiting the Mayan ruins, coffee production tour and free time to check out Antigua's nitelife!

When: Spring Break - March 21-29

Where: Antigua and south of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

How:  Fill out the application, get accepted, make the payments or fundraise the cost of your trip.

Check out:

the application - DEADLINE FEB 1st

the NGO

the company

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