Getting my feet wet (until I drown) (thevamplestat) wrote in uw,
Getting my feet wet (until I drown)

Hello everyone

I'm sitting here in Vancouver, WA and I've been going to the Art Institute of Portland for a while. I've decided it's overpriced and not really impressive, so I'm going to have an associate's degree soon and I am seeking a new school. After a lot of thought, UW seems to be the best and most practical choice for me.

So, I just have some questions...Is anyone in the Art department? How good is it? What sort of stuff do you have access to(studios, darkroom, computers)? How about he philosophy classes, for anyone that has taken some?

How is the dorm life? I noticed there is a no-alcohol policy, but is it enforced? I don't really drink, but regulations like that bug me a little. Are people pretty social? I'm sort of introverted, so I need some somewhat social people around me or I will never talk to anyone. I intend to live on campus, though I don't know if it will be in the residence halls or on-campus apartments. Possibly the halls at first.

How is the food in seattle? In portland there is some really good chinese, italian, and thai food that can be had really cheap. I will probably fingure this out when I visit. I will also find out whether downtown seattle is within easy walking & biking distance, which is important to me.

I would also appreciate any thoughts in general that people have.
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