Kristin, really. (kill) wrote in uw,
Kristin, really.

For all you art-lovers, it seems UW Libraries bit the bullet and got the subscription to ArtStor they asked us to evaluate last quarter. It was low on the radar so you guys might not have seen it, but you can access it through the school's proxy. It has similar zooming functions to that snazzy new Prado feature on Google Earth, only with a lot more collections. As an art history major I am overcome.

I think the best way to do it is to go to this Art Library's page at

If you're off-campus, click on the off-campus login up in the right hand corner so you can get there through their proxy. Then, about halfway down the page under Art Reference Resources in the blue box, there's a link under Image Collections. I think from there you can make a login of your own so you can save images, and it seems once you've done that it gives you 120 days of access without having to go through the proxy.

I know this is art-geeky but to get to see some of these images up close is so very cool.
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