Kristin (malicious_pengy) wrote in uw,

Oh no...

I have trouble getting around campus in a hurry, so I simply don't take classes located too far away. So, when I started looking at the locations of my classes this quarter, I was pissed off a little dismayed to see one of my classes had been moved.

These three classes are back to back.

The route finder goes around the medical center. Is there any easy way to cut through? As it stands right now, the route finder says 20 minutes from Denny to FIS and 14 minutes from FIS to Mary Gates, and I usually take longer because of my problems walking fast.

So...I guess the only helpful thing would be if anyone knew an easy way to get through the medical center.

Thanks everyone for your help! These are Tuesday/Thursday classes, so today I get to try it all out. Wish me luck!
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