Theresa (hyperhyperhy) wrote in uw,

uw email and gmail

Does anyone have any experience using gmail to access their uw email account? I don't mean setting up forwarding, I mean actually downloading messages that I've already read/received via webpine.

I've been trying to add the uw account to the list that my gmail account accesses, and in the setup after changing the pop server to [myusername], it's giving me the message "Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password." (pretty sure it's not that I've misspelled my password--I've tried that a couple times). Any idea what might be happening?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest some other way to get a large number of emails from my uw account to my gmail account (or anywhere else, really)?

(Yes this might be a better question to ask computing services or somesuch, but I don't foresee I high probability of them having any useful advice.)
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