speakwithink (speakwithink) wrote in uw,

Easy, fun electives in Winter?

Soooo I finished my major (COM) about 2 quarters ago...and since then I've taken nothing but COM classes. I think I have gotten enough now, and I'm looking for some fun, easy classes to take in the winter. I have looked all through the course catalog, but I am looking for some personal experiences!

Some things I'm considering are:

Method, Imagination and Inquiry with Leroy Searle
Intro to Theater with Katherine Mezur
University Singers with ---
Other stuff along those lines...I'm pretty versatile!

Any advice would be GREAT!

Also, 2 other quick things...
For cr/nc classes - how many credits do those count for exactly? I am exactly 30 credits from graduating come spring, so yea - 15 credits a quarter. Just curious about that!

AND! Is there a different list of JUST electives? Or some other place I can look for other classes that are offered? I'm a little disappointed that I am not finding more electives...

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