anna (dothefrug) wrote in uw,

180+ credits?

After perusing the UW Advising website, I haven't found any information on this: are there any restrictions on registration if you have over 180 credits? I have 182 right now, and I have two required courses left to take. However, taking them both plus the screenprinting class I am really interested in makes 3 studio classes, a.k.a. a very taxing quarter, so I'm considering taking one of the classes in the fall and one in the winter. This means I will have over 180 when I register for winter - will there be any holds on registration? I know there is the 210-credit rule, but I thought I heard something about 180 being shaky territory as well.

I'd rather not deal with Art advising if I don't have to, so I'd appreciate any info you all may have.
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