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It's worth a shot...isn't it?

Okay, I'm a first-year student at the UW and I've had problems with meeting people. I'm a little shy and I've noticed that a single quarter isn't enough time for me to get to know someone very well. I'd like to get to know some people and maybe try to find my Mr. Right (or maybe just a Mr. Right Now will suffice). If you'd be interested in getting to know me better, comment on this, send an email to or AIM me at pac10babe.

Here's a little bit more about me. I'm an eighteen-year-old caucasian female; 5'1" with brown hair and brown eyes; I enjoy listening to music, watching sports and watching TV; I would like to think that I have a funny personality and that I'm a good listener, but you'd have to be the judge of that yourself. I'm going to apply to the business school next year and I hope that I get in. I also live on campus, so I spend a vast amount of my time there. I think that about does it.
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