Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in uw,
Твоя тень

Ramen (of the good kind)

If you're getting teased by the "Samurai Noodle: COMING SOON!!11" sign where La Tienda used to be and annoyed by the fact that it's been there forever and there's STILL no delicious Samurai Noodle ramen to eat--do not fret! Lounjin on 45th has great ramen, as I found out yesterday. I will no longer be making trips to Samurai Noodle Downtown when I want some tasty ramen. I actually like Lounjin's ramen better, it's cleaner and less salty. Plus, they have a great selection of sake, coffee drinks and I enjoyed my time there; the owner is INCREDIBLY nice!

Seriously. Good ramen. Go eat it!
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