Bluebird (ariata) wrote in uw,

death by cute

Reply to my email:

Thank you for sending the email. The manager of facility services is sending a workman over to the fountain today to either fish the ducklings out of the fountain or place a board-ramp for them to walk out on their own. It's too bad that woman was unaware her efforts were actually harming the little ones. I hope the mother duck continues to nuture her babies after they're out of the fountain.

I'm sure someone will be over there in the next few hours to help. Again thank you for your concern.

My response:

Thank you so much!! I went by the fountain and saw the ramp. They were all sitting on the end of it. It's an awesome effort and I'm really happy someone did that. I'm a tad concerned there's not enough traction for them to walk up the ramp; I saw the mother duck slip on it a couple times and they're all still sitting in the platform in the water. I'll check later again and see if they've managed to get out. Maybe if a towel were stapled to the end of the board, or some of that fake green grass, they could walk up?

Again, thank you!

I urge you to go and see the ducks (and take pictures and post them!). I'm not entirely sure there's enough traction for them to climb out or maybe they just like sitting on the water. Either way, it's a bunch of baby ducks huddled on the end of the ramp and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
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