Melissa (musiclovermc) wrote in uw,

subletter for the summer

hey all-
i'm looking for someone to sublet this summer as i move to new york city to do teach for america. i have a small 3 bedroom apartment on 47th and 21st. i have 2 female roommates, one of which is never home. they are both sophomores at uw and really active on campus. my room is pretty tiny but it has a loft bed, which is fun. the kicker is that the rent is only $383 a month and that includes all utilities except for gas and internet, which comes to maybe $20 each total.
if you are interested, send me an e-mail at i should be out by around june 19th and the place is yours until august 31st. plus i have some furniture that i may be willing to either give to you or sell you for very cheap.
Tags: house
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