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So I looked in the memories for grad housing stuff and it seemed like pretty much all of it was from 2005, so I was hoping for more current information.

I'll be attending the School of Public Health and Community Medicine for my masters in the fall. =) So I'm living in Michigan right now and I'm trying to figure out the whole housing situation. I'm hoping to get into contact with other students entering my program to live with maybe, but wanted to get your opinions about housing.

Does anyone have any opinions on University housing, including Radford and Commodore Duchess? In the memories people were saying that they're expensive, but that Commodore is really close? Do I need to get on the waitlist soon for these? Are any of these places pet friendly? From the memories, for off campus housing I've gathered that Wallingford is populated with a lot of grad students, and that the U-district and Ravenna are really close to campus. Any opinions/recommendations?

Basically, I'm looking for somewhere that's quiet and close to campus, preferably within walking distance. How competitive is the housing market? Can I wait until late August to sign a lease if I live off campus, or do I need to be on this right now?

Finally, how necessary is having a car? The bus system seems excellent...

Sorry for all the questions, but I appreciate your help!

Thanks! =)
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