anna (dothefrug) wrote in uw,

IVA question

ART MAJORS (or IVA majors, if any of you are out there):

i'm a painting major about to register for my last quarter. i have 10 credits worth of required classes already, but i still need 2+ credits to stay full time, so to consolidate all my classes into the same days/building, i am thinking of taking the IVA senior studio (ART 400). i love printmaking (probably more than painting), and i think it would be nice to have time/resources to create a body of work in that medium. and who doesn't want extra time around larry the technician?

so, my question is: has anyone taken this class before? is the workload similar to any other senior studio class? is there a lot of lecturing/input from the teacher or do you pretty much get studio work time? are printmaking facilities available to you? will it make me want to rip my eyeballs out if i take it along with two other studio classes?

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