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Funny how as the cost of UW and other school related expenses go up,
our president is making big bucks!

"Emmert in recent months has quietly accepted two board positions at local Fortune 500 companies. The first, for freight company Expeditors International, pays $200,000 a year in company stock. The second, for Weyerhaeuser, pays $140,000 annually — $70,000 a year in cash and $70,000 in stock that Emmert can cash in after leaving the board.

Emmert is required to attend four to six meetings annually for each company. Each meeting usually lasts a day or two.

The money comes on top of Emmert's annual UW compensation package of $905,000 and free use of the 12,000-square-foot presidential mansion. Emmert was most recently ranked third-highest paid among public university presidents by The Chronicle of Higher Education."

Maybe he could donate a little of his money and make our food cheaper? Or maybe he could spend the same time he spends in meetings for other companies actually working with the students to make our school a better place, with less crime, cheaper textbooks, more affordable tuition.... I can dream right? haha.

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