calluna vulgaris (verybadlady) wrote in uw,
calluna vulgaris

Bake Sale at Eagleson Hall!

The Speech & Hearing Sciences students are having a bake sale tomorrow from 11:30am to 3:00pm. You can find yummy treats at Eagleson Hall (inside the lobby or outside on 42nd/15th if weather permits) or at the Speech & Hearing Sciences Clinic. Everything is 50 cents/one dollar (or so it seemed from when I stopped by today). I had the best chocolate chip cookies ever for 50 was rad. I baked some mini cupcakes to sell tomorrow so you all should come buy them because they're good:

I made "Husky" cupcakes (mini chocolate cupcakes with purple cream cheese frosting and yellow sprinkles), peanut butter cupcakes (chocolate with peanut butter cream cheese frosting), coconut cupcakes (chocolate with cream cheese frosting and coconut sprinkles), and even some plain ones.

So when you go grab lunch on the Ave, stop by and pick up some yummy treats! I think the proceeds go to benefit the UW chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. Who cares. BAKED SWEETS! is the important part.
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