Kendra Harrell (kendramarsh) wrote in uw,
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Hi! I've been going to UW since last Fall, and, frankly, I'm reeeeeeeeaaaally tired of commuting from Issaquah each day. O_O

I was thinking of looking for an apartment for me and my boyfriend this summer. However, I don't really know anything about looking for an apartment, or what kind of options I have in the University area. Also, I'm lookin' for dirt cheap, yet livable. >_< Ugh-ness. If anyone has tips and such, I would be extremely grateful. Like, when's the best time, between now and summer quarter, to start looking? And where should I look? And what is a warning sign for a bad deal? And where might some good deals be at? :P You know, the general stuff. Thank you so much! *eagerly awaiting replies*
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