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Protein Folding Game!

Anybody want to play a game? A protein folding game?? I need users for an informal user study!

The game is fun (well, you can play it and tell me if it's fun) and awesome and looks kind of like this, but even better, since this is a screen shot of an older version of the game:

I'm part of a group in CS that's working on this game, and I'm looking for some test subjects to play it and identify what's buggy/not fun/confusing/lame about the game se we can fix all those things to make it functional/fun/sensible/awesome! You'd need to come find me in the Allen Center and play it in person, and also informally chat with me about what you're doing/thinking as you play it. It would take about 30 minutes to an hour (but we can keep the time length down if you need to) because we're trying to see how good all our introduction levels are/if they're educational enough, and that seems to be the amount of time people take.

the email...


Some of you may have seen this email before or even played already! To those people who've already played, thanks!! We've made significant improvements to the game in the last few weeks alone. Just another few short weeks before the game is released to the public along with massive press coverage, so we're working to make it as awesome as possible before then!

Anyway, people in the graphics group here are working on a protein folding game (yes, an actual game!) called Fold It (http://fold.it). The goal of this game is to get humans folding proteins in a puzzle-game setting and see if we're any better at it than computers. I need to find people to play the game so we can figure out what's wrong with it, where novice users need help, and hopefully fix the problems. Would any of you have 30-60 minutes to spare?? It can take a long time because there are quite a few intro levels for you to play, but if you have less time, you don't have to try to get through all the intro puzzles and we can keep it to 20-30 minutes.

The format of the user study is this:
- No pressure! You just sit down and play. It's not a test of how good you are at it or anything, it's to see where the game is broken or too hard, and where we need to improve it.
- You are asked/encouraged to speak your thoughts about what you're currently thinking about the game or trying to do in the game aloud.
- I can provide hints if you get stuck, chat with you about the game, ask you questions...
- And I'll probably be video recording it, unless you don't want me to.

I'll sign you up with an account, and you'll play on my computer or your own (windows/mac) laptop for the test, and then you can go and download the game and play it on your own.

For the next few weeks or so, I'll be needing to do anywhere from 4 to 8 user studies each week... so if you want to tell your friends (especially non-cs people) about this, please do!

Here are some available time slots:

Mondays/Wednesdays: 12:00, 12:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00
Tuesdays: 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 3:30, 4:00
Thursdays/Fridays: Any time!

Thanks everyone!
With your help, we can make this game fun, addictive, useful, get all sorts of people playing it, and actually get some proteins folded!

Leave a comment or email me to set up an appointment/ask questions: ktuite at cs (.washington.edu)
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