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Summer Quarter Registration

Edit: Problem solved, classes obtained. I'm so relieved...

Please help!

So, long story short I'm a returning student after a year and a half medical absence for summer quarter. This will be my last quarter; I need two classes for my econ degree. The problem is I didn't qualify for GSP (which is another long story), and I can't take more than one class a quarter. Even though the packet you get when you get readmitted says registration begins tomorrow I just found out that you don't get to register until Period II if you're a returning student. The classes I need will be full by then, so I was wondering if I could get someone to hold spots in them for me until I can register.

The classes are:

A-term: #10833 Econ 485 Game Theory
B-term: #10828 Econ 406 Undergrad Seminar: E-Commerce
(Both are daily from 10:50-1)

Even if you can just hold one until I can get in, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!
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