Annaland (anna_scrive) wrote in uw,

Planning ahead for housing?

Studying abroad fall quarter and need a place to live when you return?

I have a great Studio at 45th and 8th in the U district. I want to keep the apartment for fall quarter but am graduating in December and can't stay in it after that.  I'm looking for someone who would be interested in picking up a lease after Dec. 31.

Rent next year is $720/month.  Apt. is on the first floor, has a great kitchen and a balcony and large bathroom.  

A sketch out of what utilities are now:
Internet-$50/month-comcast but I can cancel it if you don't want it
Utilities (Water, Trash, Sewer)-about $30/month but should be a little cheaper in the summer
Electricity-about $30 every other month

Please contact if you are interested or have questions

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