Amelia (comatosestate) wrote in uw,

Women Studies

I tried this a while back and was unsuccessful, so I thought I'd give it another shot.

Is anyone here enrolled in Women Studies or Human Rights undergrad majors or minors? Even taking any classes in those areas? If you aren't, could you possibly refer me to someone who might be willing to answer a couple of questions from a possible transfer student about the programs?

Also, I posted something similar in the Seattle community, but for those of you who are living off-campus, about how much should I expect to pay for housing there (either a tiny studio or a room in a shared house, not a crackhouse, relatively safe area to walk around alone at night and not too far outside of the city). I'm going to try hard not to get ripped off- but it seems it happens all to often to out-of-staters. Thinking of moving in August.

Thank you so much to anyone who can give me some input. Hope you all are well.
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