Caitie (twirlability) wrote in uw,

Hi all! I know you're probably sick of constant questions from potential incoming freshman, but I have a few.

1. Do any of you have any experience with the Speech and Hearing Sciences major? Or, hell, heard anything about it -- good or bad?

2. How difficult do you find it, in general, to maintain a good GPA at the UW? (I know it depends on classes and major, of course, but I'm just curious what your feelings/experiences are.)

3. Are the dorms really as bad as everyone says? I took a tour, but our tourguide just walked us around outside and didn't show us any dorms or classrooms or anything. Also, for those of you who chose to live off-campus as freshmen: do you think it had an impact on your social life at the UW?

Thank you in advance!

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