Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in uw,
Твоя тень

Precious, precious quarters...

Where do you all get your quarters for use in washers, dryers, etc.? I used to always get mine at the change machine at Safeway because it's convenient, just get some cash back and quarterize it right away. Sometimes I'd go to the bank, but half the time I go there, they are out of quarters, and lately I haven't even been able to get to the bank since they are oh-so-conveniently open during the days and times that I'm also at work. AND to make the matters worse, in the past few weeks I've had bad luck with Safeway. The change machine was out of order for a while, and then when the "Out Of Order" sign came off every time I'd try to get change from there, the damn red light is on--no quarters for me! My hamper is way past the point of brimming. I don't really care since I've only been coming home to sleep anyway for the past two weeks, but now that I'm done with this quarter (be jealous, all those with finals left! ahhahaaahaha) I plan to do a million loads of laundry tonight.

So, can anyone point me to other change machines in the area where one might be able to get quarters when the Safeway and bank options fail? My "in a pinch" solution has been putting a $1.10 into the copy machine at the U-Village QFC, making a copy and having it give me the 4 quarters back... But the QFC isn't exactly within short walking distance of my house.

On a related note. Do any of you ever use laundromats in the area? If so, which ones and what are your experiences there? Prices, service, etc. The washer/dryer in my apartment building are tiny, and it'd be nice to wash more than that at once to save time...

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