Kassi D (reedie4life) wrote in uw,
Kassi D

ME Grad Program?

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently a senior physics major at Reed College and have been accepted into the Mechanical Engineering MSE program. I was wondering if anyone might have some insight for me about the program. I'm also wondering about the size of the school, and the classes. I know that UW is a very large school, but I'm curious as to how much this changes when you get into grad programs. It would be really awesome to just have some input from grad students, in general. I'm worried about the class size being much larger - I'm used to something like 15:1 student to faculty ratio. This is very important to me. Also, I enjoy being challenged but having easily approachable professors is extremely important. I would love to have a conversation with any of you - you are free to email me if you'd rather not say any (presumably negative) things here. My email is kassi at reed dot edu.

Thanks in advance!


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