speakwithink (speakwithink) wrote in uw,

But I reeeeealllyyyy want it!!

So, I registered this morning for COM 304 (American Press and Politics) with Taso Lagos and COM 329 (Rhet Soc & Political Movement) with John C Hammerback - so if you have any opinions on THOSE that'd be great to hear!

However, that doesn't address the main part of me being here! I so so so so badly want to take COM 220 (Public Speech) with Matthew McGarrity...but it's Sophomores only in Period 1. I know the teacher told me to go on the first day, but I'm wondering if I get up early on the first day of Period 2...could I register for it then possibly? Hope that makes sense! I REALLY want that class, and made my schedule with space for it...so also if any Sophomores out there - are registering now, can hold me a place (this sounds really sad - since I'm a Junior and I'm begging DOWNWARDS) I'd be forever in your debt and would probably bake you nice things or hold YOU a place in a class you need : )

ANYway! Thanks for the input all!
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