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Taking the young'uns to UW!

Out of these drop-in classes for visitors, which would you say would be the most fun for an unmotivated jr. high school student? Ideally, I would like to take these two kids to an interesting class with a fun professor, so afterwards they can be like "wow! I want to do well in school and go to college so I can take swell classes from wonderful professors such as these!"

Specifically, I think I would have to take them to one of these:
  • Biology -- Martin-Morris
  • Gen Chem -- Zoller
  • Method, Imagination, and Inquiry -- Searle
  • The Changing Oceans -- Strickland
But if you guys know of any other large (100+ students) intro-level courses that occur on Fridays after 1:30pm that have lots of empty seats and a good professor, please let me know! :) Thanks for reading.
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