Kristin (malicious_pengy) wrote in uw,

Renting a camera?

I'm interested in a photography class, but it's required to have about a $500 camera. Technically, I can buy it, but I'd like to be in the class a couple weeks and then decide. I looked through as much info as I could find on the university website, but...well...I've always had problems navigating it. What I did find is that "Since 2002, Classroom Support Services has operated a highly successful program to loan technology equipment to any currently registered UW Seattle Student. Our current program loans laptop computers, data projectors, digital cameras, digital video cameras, MP3 recorders, scanners, sound systems and screens for a 3 or 7 workday period (weekends and holidays are excluded from the 3/7 days)." What I don't know is how to apply for this stuff, or what cameras they have. The class description says that: "Students must provide a digital cameral with lens, shutter, aperture and focus controls, with a minimum 4 Mega pixel capacity, and 512 memory card. No disposable and/or fixed focus cameras."
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