Ferris (modified) wrote in uw,

Looking for ORCA Card Beta Testers

Did you participate in the ORCA card beta test? We want your card.

About a year ago, the various transit agencies that make up the ORCA card initiative did a beta test (http://orcatest.com/) of the cards and scanners that make up the system. Volunteers were given an ORCA card that they could use on a number of bus and train routes for a month-long period.

We are a group of students at UW who are studying the privacy aspects of the ORCA card system:


While we are looking at a variety of issues with the overall ORCA system, there is some concern about data exposed on the cards themselves. We've tested a few of our own cards, but we'd like to test more.

The beta test has been over for almost a year, but if you still have your card and are willing to help us out, please contact me at bdferris-at-cs.washington.edu for more details.
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