Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

any frenchies of any assistance..?

Is anyone currently taking a class from Helene V.-Collins [most likely French 302], or has taken one recently and know the best ie. most efficient way to contact her? 
I'm an alum and in dire need of getting a hold of her and email hasn't worked [she's not good at prompt replies]-- I wrote her an email about 2 wks ago I believe, if you're wondering.   Also, there are no office hours listed for her on the dept website... yet.  I figure I might as well call her office[?] until I get a hold of her... or I could stalk her on campus.. sigh.

I'd really love her to fill out a form for a program for me, and this program app. is due, postmarked, by Feb 1.

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